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Образ жизни Развлечения
Разработчик Kurt Schuster
3.99 USD

WHAT IF, you could be entertained, encouraged and inspired … or have your day brightened by noting the majesty of the world … or you could interact with others for mutual gratification?

QuoteMail is all that and more. We put a fresh smile on your face with words and images that offer insight, inspiration, entertainment and encouragement. We invite you to join this growing community of artisans who share pictures and images for the purpose of mutual enlightenment. Contribute what you wish or merely accept this opportunity to reflect and meditate on what others bring to you through QuoteMail.

QuoteMail is the ultimate tool for sharing on Facebook, Google+ or any other social platform. QuoteMail is a unique program existing to provide Wit and Wisdom with a collection of over 500,000 quotes and images – and we dont have your submission – yet. Get involved in this sharing project by submitting your pictures or sayings. Lets make the world a better place by providing hope to others. Are you a photographer or artist? Share your images. QuoteMail fuses your images with written wisdom, adding to the meaning of the text. Do you have something to say? Share your thoughts. QuoteMail will combine your words with an image, giving new meaning to both.

QuoteMail is the quintessential encouragement and inspirational application for iOS. This version provides you with access to the entire QuoteMail collection, including your contributions. You can browse the vast and varied QuoteMail collection, save your favorite QuoteMails, print QuoteMails to your iOS enabled printer, and share QuoteMails with your social network. With QuoteMail you have something special and encouraging to add to conversions on Facebook, Google+, or whatever social networks you frequent.

Be assured that QuoteMail is completely safe for everyone. We have retained the services of a user content curator who will screen all submissions for appropriateness for all viewers.

Notice the beauty of our world – in Words and Images – with QuoteMail.